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Mo Wedding Connections launches new site

Mo Wedding Connections launches new site

Mo Wedding Connections is a private network of vendors providing wedding services in Mid-Missouri.

In late December 2016 MoWC launched a new web site that emphasized the organization's events and provided more promotional opportunities for its members. The site markets the organizations by leveraging several new social media fronts, including Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. There are also additional advertising opportunities on the site for vendors to promote their business or events.

MoWC's annual hallmark event, the Winter Wedding Gala, is quickly approaching and the new site's focus on its target market is expected to bring more awareness to the event.

"The needs of our brides, and our vendors is always evolving.  MoWC has to keep abreast of these changing needs in order to stay relevant," says Linda Cleveland.

New members are always accepted. Vendors in the Missouri area are welcome to join MoWC at any time. Monthly vendor meetings are also a great way to learn more about the network prior to joining. Contact Linda Cleveland for more information or speak to an existing MoWC member.